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Remington, Winchester, and Browning

NOTICE: Most often, when we buy a gun, we prepare a federal form 4473 for it, since those are our primary inventory records. This website grows, almost every Wednesday night and Saturday night, when the new 4473s are listed. Sometimes, a decision is made to reserve the gun to Service, so that problems with the gun may be resolved before it is put on the rack. Sometimes, the Webmaster is even notified of this reservation so he postpones listing the gun. We apologize when this notification comes late.
62887$300.00Amantino imported by Stoeger Stoeger Coach Gun compact side×side breech-loaded 12-gauge sporting shotgun

62211$700.00Baker Gun Co. Batavia Special breech-loading side×side 12-gauge sporting shotgun
Baker Gun Company was eventually swallowed by L. C. Smith

62667$450.00Beretta model AL-390 gas-operated 12-gauge semi-automatic sporting shotgun
Laid away

62745$250.00Boito model BR-8 breech-loading side×side .410 bore sporting shotgun
Laid away

58484$325.001940 Browning Auto-5 recoil-operated 12-gauge semi-automatic sporting shotgun with 30" barrel choked Full
No wood - parts gun
62836$350.001940 Browning Auto-5 recoil-operated 12-gauge semi-automatic sporting shotgun with 30" barrel
61541$1,395.001971 Browning Auto-5 lightweight 20-gauge long-recoil sporting shotgun
62472$500.00Browning model BDA made by SIG-Sauer full-sized alloy-framed double-action 8-shot .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol with decocker
Laid away
62605$600.00Browning .22 Long Rifle semi-automatic sporting rifle with take-down; like new; made in Japan

62709$400.00Carl Gustavs model 1896 Mauser bolt-action 6,5×55mm Swedish battle rifle, all original

62702$1,500.00Custom Colt Mk IV Series 80 Government Model full-sized steel-framed single-action 9mm semi-automatic pistol
blued frame with beveled mag well, oversize grip safety and other controls, adjustable trigger
hard-chromed slide, Wilson Combat sights, Ed Brown barrel

62669$800.00Charles Daly made in Italy Empire-grade breech-loading side×side 12-gauge sporting shotgun, with 25½" barrels

62710$400.00DWM Brasilian model 1908 Mauser bolt-action 8×57mm battle rifle, all original

62807$150.00Glenfield made by Marlin model 80G bolt-action .22 sporting rifle
Laid away

62875$400.00Glock model 17 full-sized polymer-framed single-action 9mm semi-automatic pistol, with two 17-shot magazines, owner's manual
This pistol is a first-generation Glock.

62704$600.00HAFDASA Ballester-Molina "Policia de la Capital CORDOBA" full-size blued-steel single-action 1911-style .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol (lacks grip safety; parts not interchangeable)

62612$1,800.00Heckler & Koch model P7 squeeze-cocked single-action 9mm semi-automatic pistol, with "European" magazine latch (at heel of grip), two 8-shot magazines

62840$400.001967 Marlin model 336 lever-action 7-shot .30-30 sporting rifle
62839$325.00Marlin model 336A lever-action 7-shot .30-30 sporting rifle

62888$250.00Mossberg model 500 slide-action 12-gauge sporting shotgun

62703$600.00Custom ParaOrdnance-based full-sized single-action 10-shot .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol built on ParaOrdnance wide-body frame kit with 1911-A1 parts; matte finish on frame, gloss blue on slide

62040$2,500.001926 Parker Brothers model VH side×side 12-gauge sporting shotgun; barrels choked Full and Full
A previous owner inscribed his Social Security account number on the gun - and then went a little NUTZ with his children's names.

62124$300.00Remington model 1100 gas-operated 4-shot 16-gauge semi-automatic sporting shotgun
61879$500.00Remington model 11-87 Supermag gas-operated 12-gauge semi-automatic sporting shotgun with 3½" chamber and RemChoke
62837$450.00Remington model 7400 gas-operated 5-shot .30-'06 semi-automatic sporting rifle with scope
62838$400.00Remington model 7400 gas-operated 5-shot .30-'06 semi-automatic sporting rifle

Savage model 1907 blued-steel single-action 8-shot .380 ACP semi-automatic pistol
Reserved by Service
62708$350.00Savage model 110DL left-handed bolt-action .243 Winchester-caliber sporting rifle, with scope

62712$300.00Schmidt-Rubin model 1911 bolt-action Swiss 7,5×55mm battle rifle

61681$695.00SKB imported by Ithaca model 600 Skeet breech-loading over/under 12-gauge sporting shotgun

62452$400.00Smith & Wesson Military & Police model M&P9 Shield compact, slim polymer-framed single-action 9mm semi-automatic pistol with three magazines: one 7-shot, two 8-shot
Laid away
62803$400.00Smith & Wesson model SD9 VE full-sized polymer-framed single-action 9mm semi-automatic pistol with two 16-round magazines, cable lock

62791$150.00Stevens model 94E breech-loading single-shot 12-gauge sporting shotgun
60353$189.95¿pre-WWI J.Stevens SUPER RANGE GOOSE GUN blued-steel & color-case hardened single-shot breech-loading 12-gauge sporting shotgun with 32" plain barrel, choked Full; originally sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co.

62187$200.00Sturm, Ruger & Co. model 10-22 10-shot .22LR semi-automatic sporting rifle
Laid away
62613$600.00Sturm, Ruger & Co. New Model Super Single Six Convertible stainless steel single-action revolver with .22 and .22 Magnum cylinders

All Taurus products carry a written, permanent/transferable warranty

62617$400.00Taurus model 941 small-frame stainless-steel double-action 8-shot .22 Magnum revolver


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